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The Salty History Tour

Duration: 1 day

Starting from: €99 /pers



Subterranean Theme Park in Salt Mine, The Alba Carolina fortress

Running out of time while in Cluj?

Spend a day checking the Subterranean lake and park in a Salt Mine and walking around The Alba Carolina fortress with our guides!




If you're in Cluj for a short time, we recommend the 1-day trip in Transylvania! Here's where our local (and very friendly) guides will drive you to> Salina Turda - the oldest salt mine in the world and its Subterranean Theme Park, a traditional lunch, a beautiful walk through The Alba Carolina fortress and an unforgettable tasty dinner around a fortress. 

It's a fantastic experience for old and young alike! 

Imagine that you can go 13 floors (more than 80m!) in a Subterranean (but very fancy and well-lighted, no worries) salt mine and boat on a lake; Have fun in a wheel of gondolas, get a bird-view from a panoramic elevator, go for a ride in the Russian Wheel, play minigolf, table tennis, bowling, billiard. Or walk around the deep salt mine, its beautiful caverns, and little pond.

Yes, the Salt mine is already famous around the world for it's beautiful and impressive salty lake & park and you will definitely see it amongst the Top10 things to see in Transylvania. It has quite rich and salty history starting in 1740 under the name of Salt Mine Joseph (in honor of emperor Joseph 2nd), and now it's spiced up with a lot of fun, a vast park, and mesmerizing lights.

But don't take us for granted, just check these stunning videos published by the National Geographic or Wonder World

After so much salt and fun, you will definitely be hungry, and the lunch will be on us in a very traditional restaurant nearby! Rest assured you're gonna love it and you will be ready to check the fortress en force.

The 1h drive to the Alba Iulia Fortress will be done with a mini-van (or a van): an hour to take a nap or to prepare yourself for a walk on history!

Walking around Alba Iulia Citadel, our guides will immerse you into a place where history goes back 2,000 years to the time when the Roman Empire conquered the Dacian Kingdom! 

And you will discover the most exciting stories of this spectacular citadel: its star shape history, the Roman castrum, the medieval fortification and the power of the defense moat surrounding the fortress (which now constitutes a dendrological park thanks to the over 70 species of plants and shrubs growing there), the royal happenings and you will also see the prison cells of our heroic figures, Horea, Cloșca and Crișan who were executed on a breaking wheel for leading a revolt. 

Sounds like a lot, but long story short, here's what we will do in the largest (and most spectacular) citadel in Romania. 👇


🚴‍ Have some fun with the bikes or electric scooters and discover the history of Alba Iulia since the Roman Empire up to modern Romania.

🏰 See all the citadel amazing gates (with different architecture and roles)

👑 Visit the Coronation Cathedral & St. Michael’s Cathedral

🇷🇴 Visit the National Union Museum (as in, a military casino that suffered major changes and this was where the Union between Transylvania and Romania was voted, signed and proclaimed on December 1st, 1918 - so, this is were Romania as you know it now was actually born)

💂‍Watch the “Changing the Guard” ceremony (hopefully)


After all these hours we will all feel a bit tired and quite hungry, so we will definitely have your back with a perfect dinner around the citadel!



Travel Schedule | 1 day trip in Transylvania

Start Location: Cluj Napoca

Contact: Get in touch with us here

09:00 Pick-up from the Hotel and drive to Salina Turda

10:30 – 12:30 Visit Salina Turda

13:00 – 14:00 Traditional & delicious lunch near the Salt Mine

14:00 Drive to Alba Iulia

15:30 A walk in the past of the Alba Iulia Fortress

Dinner Traditional food and drinks around the Citadel

Drive back to Cluj Napoca :)

What should you know about this one-day tour in Transylvania

  • Lunch & Dinner will be covered by Transylvania Trips

  • Tickets & Attractions passes for the entire tour will be included

  • Transport in an air-conditioned car, minivan, or bus

  • Licensed English-speaking guide

  • Guided tours for all sites

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • We are fun and flexible, so let us know if you have any other recommendation and/or questions

Price Packages

  • 1 Pers - from € 299 / pers

  • 2 Pers - from € 150 / pers

  • 3 Pers - from € 150 / pers

  • 4 Pers - from € 135 / pers

  • 5 Pers - from € 135 / pers

  • 6 Pers - from € 135 / pers

  • 7 Pers - from € 135 / pers

  • 8 Pers - from € 135 / pers

  • 9 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 10 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 11 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 12 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 13 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 14 Pers - from € 99 / pers

  • 15 Pers - from € 99 / pers

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