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Transylvania Trips was born in 2018 when 3 of us already had draft e-mails with lists of recommendations for all the business travelers that came to our offices, when we started to make small tours for international foreigners because we saw how most of them are not really authentic and things began to pile up until we created guides to get the local experience and taste of Transylvania starting from Cluj. 

Unlike most travel agencies, Transylvania Trips is a team of friends from Transylvania - they fell in love with their homeland/region, and it's flavoring foods & legends and decided to help travelers find beautiful and amazing spots with and by the locals.

Transylvania is highly marketed, and most of the experiences are tourist traps, while everything within the Transylvania Trips is done by real locals who live and love their cities. 

You can book authentic local experiences for 2 or for 15, and all you have to do is to tell us what you'd like, and we will make sure to customize everything based on your interests: the destinations, restaurants, walks, traditional dinners, nights out in town and everything in between.

We continually add new experiences and destinations, so if there is something that sparks your interest or you'd like to try out, let us know! Just give us a call or e-mail today to receive a free consultation from the best agents in the biz.

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