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Travel Back in Time through Transylvania’s Medieval Festivals

When it comes to inspiration for Transylvanian events, the Middle Ages seem to be the main source.

The region’s scenery, filled with medieval buildings loaded with rich history and mysterious legends are a constant attraction to tourists fascinated by these long past times. And as a result, Transylvania abounds in medieval festivals, of which there are a few we recommend you to check when coming to Romania.

The Medieval Festival of the Rasnov Citadel is one of the most wonderful events in the area. During its course the town is conquered by knights and ladies attending tournaments and reenacting scenes from the past. As a visitor you will also have the option to visit exhibitions of weapons or medieval attire. And if you dream of something more challenging we recommend you to take full advantage of this opportunity to learn the basics of fencing or archery while you attend this event.

The Apulum Roman Festival is another event which you should plan your trip to Transylvania around.

Besides the fact that it takes place in the splendid town of Alba Iulia, with its magnificent kept old fortress, this is a celebration of history which gathers at least 300 reenactors which meet at the ruins of the ancient city of Apulum, the greatest one in Dacia, the heart of its economy, politics and culture.

Basically, through this festival you have the chance to travel back in time and see Roman soldiers, Dacian fighters, gladiators (even during shows!) and cultural acts specific to those times. You can also watch how ancient jewelry was produced and what sort of games people used to enjoy back then.

The Transylvanian Citadels Medieval Festival in Sibiu takes place every year at the end of the summer in the historical center of Sibiu. This is meant to celebrate the city and it starts with a medieval parade on the cobblestone streets that witnessed hundreds of years of history. A major attraction of this particular festival is the participation of worldwide known medieval music bands like Corvus Corax, coming to entertain the guests present from all around the world.

MedievArt Fest Targu Mures is dedicated to the arts that flourished in the Middle Ages. It is focused on workshops, conferences, exhibitions, book launches, vernissages, plays, parades, tournaments and poetry recitals. Besides these, the gourmands will have the chance to try delicious medieval dishes cooked on the spot and join exquisite wine tastings. Come and see how people from the area lived and enjoyed culture a few centuries before our times.

Growing excited with this sort of events? Don’t think twice, book a plane ticket, join one of our great tours and come to see the outstanding beauty of Romania, and especially our beloved Transylvania, a place of charm and magic.

You will travel back in time and have amazing experiences, while the “back to present” button will be in your total control.

We are waiting for you!

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