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The Best Music Festivals in Transylvania

Transylvania is the go-to place for castles, tales, legends and nature. But there are also a lot of spectacular festivals happening with fun people from all around the country or even Europe!

Here are the music festivals of Transylvania that you should not miss if you happen to come here for your holidays - or even better, you can plan your trip in Transylvania based on the festivals time as well!

EC is one of the most beloved annual music event in Transylvania Romania! Imagine 5 days of music, fun, eclectic views and festival experience in a castle located in a tiny historic village!

Even though the festival happens in Summer, most probably it is going to rain and people are always getting creative when it comes to mud, rain, dance and music. The festival managed to redefine the way people interact with a music festival, breaking the boundaries between electronic music and reggae, mainstream and subculture.

So, if you want to mix art with music, with castles and great scenery while you are still near Cluj Napoca in Transylvania, just go to Electric Castle at the Bánffy Castle domain in Bonțida for an amazing music and art experience in a medieval castle!

Gărâna is a 5-days jazz festival in the heart of the Western Carpathians, in the Semenic Mountains,1000 m above ground. The festival started as an improvised jazz session among close friends,in a small Transylvanian village up in the Semenic Mountains and now, more than 20 years later, is one of the most prestigious open-air jazz festival in Eastern and Central Europe. To quote the organisers of the festival: It’s not easy to get there, but, likewise Gărâna’s location, jazz music is all about unknown paths and great challenges. Instead of diminishing its appeal, the capricious climate and the special location seem to fuel the participants’ ambition to belong to the “chosen” ones that share the experience of wild music in wild settings.

Ok, we do like jazz and nature a lot! So, here's another Jazz festival in the mountains:

Smida. Which is actually located right in the heart of Apuseni Nature Park, one of Europe’s last great size remaining carts regions and home to more than 1.500 caves.

If you want to join this festival, here's what the people behind Smida Jazz Festival promise that you will experience: three days of waking up in the camping and stepping barefoot on the grass; watching (really watching) the sunrise and the sunset; walking on the village’s lanes like in childhood; taking a bath in the lake; exploring a cave; wandering in the woods; painting a ceramic or wood object; playing all kind of instruments; dancing in the first row, because this Smida jazz invites you to dance; reading in a hammock by yourself or reading out loud at a public lecture/book club…and everything…all in the name of exploring. Sounds. And nature.

If you're in Cluj in July, you will have plenty of amazing events: Jazz in the Park being one of the highlights. There are concerts all around the city, near the river and in the parks, a lot of good vibes, great experiences and awesome jazz music.

And you know what's even more awesome about this Festival? All the events at the Jazz in the Park are access-free, but if you want to support their arious cultural and social projects, you can do it by purchasing a non-mandatory ticket for 20 lei (that is less than 5 euro).

4 days of Untold Festival in Transylvania and you will be part of the largest annual electronic music festival held in Romania and the Best Major Festival according to the European Festival Awards.

This year you can get Wild with R.Williams, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, DV & LM, Bastille, Armin Van Buuren and more than 250 artists in 4 days and 4 nights of magic in the city center of Cluj!

ARTmania Festival is the longest-lasting rock festival in Romania and the first festival around here that came with the idea of ​​promoting all forms of artistic expression inspired by rock culture.

The event takes place in the mainsquare of Sibiu and it offers different forms of artistic expression, such as concerts, exhibitions, book launches or film screenings.

If you never went to Sibiu, imagine that all these events combined at the level of sound, colors, images or letters happen in the medieval fortress and everything looks like a bad-ass fairy tale in rock world.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest is a heavy metal festival that takes right near the Rasnov fotress in and it subtitled "On the Grounds of Transylvania".

The festival is dedicated to everyone who listens to extreme metal but it is also open to other musical genres like heavy metal, power metal, crossover thrash or metalcore.

The festival has a camping area as well and it is a rare experience as the concerts are surrounded by nature, mountains and a fortress!

Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Awake takes place at the Teleki Estate that encompasses 16 acres of spectacular land, hosting the 18th century baroque castle and park with old trees, serene meadows and a charming pond, right by the Mureș river.

Awake Festival has a lot of expericees, so you can fill your soul with one of a kind concerts, award winning movies, the best independent theatre plays and open-air art installations.

So, if you look for some drum & bass and electro sit alongside indie, rock and punk music in the middle of nature. There is also an art are, cinema and Theater Under the Bridge and a lot of fun!

We hope you will enjoy our selection of music festivals in Transylvania and don't forget that we can offer you out-of-the-box trips in Transylvania just by booking one of our destinations or you can write us for a custom experience - maybe you want to add something based on these festivals in your holiday and you need some help!

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