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The Incredibly Colourful Transylvania

Duration: 2 days

Starting from: €300 /pers



Sighișoara, Sibiu, Corvin Castle, Deva Fortress, Alba Iulia Citadel


Stroll through ancient churches, incredibly colorful and picturesque streets of Sighișoara, enjoy the romantic Sibiu, visit the mesmerizing Corvin's Castle and walk through the fortresses of Transylvania!



Sighisoara is quite a small city in the Transylvania with cobbled streets, colorful buildings, fairy-tale-like fortified and with contemporary activities and happy locals.

The city has a history dating back to the 1100s and has a lot of storied regarding Saxons, kings, German craftsmen and artisans and everything in between. All these transformed Sighișoara in a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The entire day you will be guided through the city, see the Vlad Dracul's (Vlad the Impaler's) birthplace, the favorite places in the town of Prince Charles and spend the rest of the day like a local with our Transylvanian guides in Sighișoara and the Sibiu - the most romantic city in Romania.

Lunch and dinner will be served in the tastiest and local restaurants in Sighișoara and Sibiu!


The 2nd day will be at the fortress that guarded the entry to Transylvania from an extinct volcanic cone, and you'll visit the Corvin Castle to see where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for several years!


The first stop to is one of the most impressive & iconic castles that we know of: a gothic architectural appearance of 7000 sqm where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for several years - The Corvin's Castle.

After leaving the scary (but stunning) castle behind and have lunch, you will head to Deva fortress.


This is not your typical medieval fortress, but the fortress that guarded the entry to Transylvania from the Mures Valley!

Located on an extinct volcanic cone and with a strategic position, it has a rich history: at first, it had a military role and, over time, it has been ruled by princes and duchesses. It was both used a defense location, but as a luxury house with private dwelling too. It was given as a gift, sold, bombed, and so it became one of the most important fortresses in Transylvania that dates back to the 13th century.


After these charming fortress and castle, you will head to Alba Iulia Citadel, where our guides will immerse you into a place where history goes back 2,000 years to the time when the Roman Empire conquered the Dacian Kingdom!


And you will discover the most exciting stories of this spectacular citadel: its star shape history, the Roman castrum, the medieval fortification and the power of the defense moat surrounding the fortress (which now constitutes a dendrological park thanks to the over 70 species of plants and shrubs growing there), the royal happenings and you will also see the prison cells of our heroic figures, Horea, Cloșca and Crișan who were executed on a breaking wheel for leading a revolt.




Travel Schedule for 2-days trip in Transylvania

Start Location: Cluj Napoca

Contact: Get in touch with us here

1st Day

08:00 Pick-up from the Hotel in Cluj and drive to Sighișoara

Traditional & delicious lunch in the fortified town

Visit the medieval and colorful town

Drive to Sibiu

Stroll through the romantic city & have Traditional Dinner

2nd Day

08:00 Pick-up from the Hotel and drive to Hunedoara

Visit Corvin’s Castle

Traditional & delicious lunch near the castle

Visit the Deva Fortress

Drive to Alba Iulia

Visit the citadel & have Traditional Dinner

The drop-off in Cluj Napoca

What should you know about this 2-days tour in Transylvania

  • Lunch & Dinner will be covered by Transylvania Trips

  • Tickets & Attractions passes for the entire tour will be included

  • Transport in an air-conditioned car, minivan, or bus

  • Licensed English-speaking guide

  • Guided tours for all sites

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • We are fun and flexible, so let us know if you have any other recommendation and/or questions

Price Packages

  • 1 Pers - from € 1099 / pers

  • 2 Pers - from € 600 / pers

  • 3 Pers - from € 600 / pers

  • 4 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 5 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 6 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 7 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 8 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 9 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 10 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 11 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 12 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 13 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 14 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 15 Pers - from € 300 / pers

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