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Wine not? The Vineyards of Transylvania 🍷

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

If you plan a trip to Transylvania, you should definitely consider a visit to one of the vineyards. And it suits perfectly with all the castles and amazing views!

Transylvania is known for its vampire legend, Count Dracula and stunning views, but if you are a wine lover you should know that this is also a centuries-old wine region as Romania has been cultivating wine for more than 6000 years and is one of the oldest wine countries in Europe.

We have a lot of unpronounceable grape varities transformed into wine, but here are some of them: Feteascā Regalā, Feteascā Albā, Feteascā Neagrā, Cadarca, Crâmposie, Negru de Drāgāsani and Tāmâioasā Românească.

As we have the Carpathian mountains surrounding Transylvanian. it created the perfect climate for white wines. But rest assured that the red wines are great as well.

We, at Transylvania Trips, are definitely a bunch of wine lovers so here are the wines of Transylvania that we recommend 👇

🍷 Liliac which literally means Bat and they say that Transylvania has never tasted more alive! And we fully a̶g̶r̶a̶p̶e̶ agree.

A tradition-rich terroir combined with a state-of-the-art wine cellar managed to create an excellent fruity wine that comes in bottles of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Rosé Pinot Noir.

They also have special dessert wine called “Nectar of Transylvania”, a Muscat Ottonel that comes in quite a limited batch.

🍷 Villa Vinea

Their Diamant (as in Diamond) wine was matured for eight months in French barriques and it creates a fresh, elegant wine with considerably grainy texture. We highly recommend it as a food wine!

🍷 Balla Geza

This is a 100% Cadarca from 19 year old vines in Transylvania (the same year the winery was founded).

What makes it special about this wine is actually the very regional grape with fresh, elegant, slightly mineral reds and the nose is lush black fruit with a pleasing lift of dried herbs and lambs juices at the end.

If you would love to visit a winery and a couple of castles, you should check our trip here and contact us! We will do our best to offer you a customised experience with the best wine tasting, a lovely walk through the vineyard (if the weather is good) and mouth watering cheese and snacks!

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