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5 Must-see Small Towns of Transylvania

Short on time? Long bucket list? Let’s try and make this easier for you. Although Transylvania abounds in beautiful cities, there are some urban areas that may charm you more than others.

These are not necessarily the biggest or the most developed, they’re just the kind of vibrant places to see in order to fill up with good energy and enjoy your time.

Targu Mures is a lovely town with a population of approximately 130.000 residents. Small, but beautiful, filled with baroque and art nouveau buildings, clean and green, it is the kind of place many people decide to skip when planning a journey through Romania.

The fact is that its simplicity and freshness is exactly what makes it a hidden gem of Transylvania. Like every respectable medieval town, this has a fortress to visit, and a great number of lush parks.

Sighisoara is one you probably heard of before, as this a UNESCO World Heritage site and tends to be quite touristy.

Even so, we highly recommend you not to miss it, as it is small, colorful, filled with rich history and boasting of life and attractive activities even for a short visit.

We highly recommend you to visit Turnul cu Ceas (the Clock Tower) and admire the beautiful surroundings of Sighisoara from the top of it in order to fully grasp the grandeur of the amazing area you are visiting.

Alba Iulia is renowned for its spectacularly-kept fortress surrounding the old town and also for the awesome guards changing ceremony.

The town itself is small, with a population of a little over 60.000 souls inhabiting it, but the former capital of Transylvania still shines with glory.

Don’t miss a walk through the fortress and plan a lunch or a dinner in one of the restaurants within it serving traditional Romanian dishes. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Cisnadie is another virgin territory when it comes to tourism. You can’t feel ripped off here because not even the locals seem to get how wonderful the place they live in actually is.

So if you want to visit a quiet and proper town, this is the place to go. The main attraction in town is a fortified church from the XIII century, but its surroundings are not to miss either.

So relax and enjoy life in a different kind of rhythm than the crazy one you are probably used to.

Fagaras, with its lovely mountains and the verdant green setting, is a jewel of Transylvania.

Not as famed as the cities tourists usually run towards, this is the kind of spot you need to consider if you’re sick of all the noise and buzz of everyday life.

Breathe its clean air, enjoy its delicious foods and taste its delicious drinks. We promise you will not regret following our advice to visit it.

Actually, you may even want to return for its low pace and the incredible feeling of relaxation it offers.

And Transylvania has a LOT more for you to discover. Come visit! We have plenty of experiences and destinations for you >>

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