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The charming side of Transylvania

Duration: 2 days

Starting from: €300 /pers



Corvin Castle, Deva Fortress, Sibiu, Astra Museum


View the fortress that guarded the entry to Transylvania from an extinct volcanic cone, visit the Corvin Castle to see where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for several years and spend a day in the most romantic city in Romania!



You will start the trip from Cluj and head to Sinaia then through the Prahova Valley while following its whirling river. Rest assured that during this drive, our guides will show you some of the most beautiful mountains resorts and make a short stop in Sinaia - "€œ The pearl of the Carpathians"€œ for a short stroll and a tasty lunch!

Right in the middle of all the mixed forests and surrounded by spectacular mountains, two castles await for you: Peleș and Pelișor Castles.

Peleș Castle was built as a summer residence for the kings of Romania in the late 19th century, and it has a 66m high tower, 160 rooms and stunning park surrounding it!

The Castle is still owned by King Michael I of Romania, but it will remain a publicly opened museum. So everyone can see and fall in love with the royal heritage: paintings, collection of defense objects and guns, ivory sculptures, fantastic furniture, oriental rugs and a lot of rooms that are inspired and furnished with elements from all over the world: India, Arabian Peninsula, Persia, Turkey and many more!

After the breathtaking visit to the castle, you will spend the night in Brașov and enjoy a traditional and tasty dinner with strong drinks. 

The 2nd day you will see the famous and imposing fortress of the Dracula's count legend is. - We can't promise you any vampire encounters or howling wolves, but you never know! 

The entire tour will be guided, and you will learn everything about the legend and its tales, about the Vlad the Impales and its weird habits, you will go all around the castle, and you will know it inside out. 

The castle is surrounded by mountains and a small village with a tiny souvenirs market, so rest assured that you will get a sneak peek of the local life (and most probably drinks as well).

The route back to Cluj will be through Rupea Citadel and then Sighișoara - an amazing Medieval city, where locals are still inhabiting buildings dating back to the 16th century! And no worries, it is not your typical tourist trap territory - but a normal city where people live, go to school and merchants will sell their goods.

So, you will have quite a nice walk around the city center and learn more about its background and enjoy a 100% Transylvanian dinner. 


Travel Schedule for 2 days trip in Transylvania

Start Location: Cluj Napoca

Contact: Get in touch with us here

1st Day

08:00 Pick-up from the Hotel and drive to Hunedoara

Visit Corvin’s Castle

Traditional & delicious lunch near the castle

Visit the Deva Fortress

Drive to Sibiu & have Traditional Dinner

2nd day

A short stroll through Sibiu

Traditional & delicious lunch

Visit Astra Museum

Drive back to Cluj Napoca

What should you know about this 2-days tour in Transylvania

  • Lunch & Dinner will be covered by Transylvania Trips

  • Tickets & Attractions passes for the entire tour will be included

  • Transport in an air-conditioned car, minivan, or bus

  • Licensed English-speaking guide

  • Guided tours for all sites

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • We are fun and flexible, so let us know if you have any other recommendation and/or questions

Price Packages

  • 1 Pers - from € 1099 / pers

  • 2 Pers - from € 600 / pers

  • 3 Pers - from € 600 / pers

  • 4 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 5 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 6 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 7 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 8 Pers - from € 375 / pers

  • 9 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 10 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 11 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 12 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 13 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 14 Pers - from € 300 / pers

  • 15 Pers - from € 300 / pers

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